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    MOm said if Chessie agreed to do “all night mouse watch,” I can stay here tonight. I’m amazed…she agreed. Bloodthirsty little cat!! So I get the night off of patrol! So I’ll head upstairs in a bit. But for now…fireplace…hot chocolate!! Furends!!!

    • Chip you should bring Chessie as a guest some Saturday!
        • Oh, that would be fun!
          • I just might do that. If she will come. She was never socialized as a kitten when she was fostered. They must have been awful to her.
              • Chip, Three of my brothers and three of my sisters were feral kitties that dad cared for where he worked, when the land they lived on was going to be cleared dad brought them home. It took almost five years but now they are inside only lap kitties, I’m sure that Chessie would be fine with having dinner with us. Tell her she can tell us what she would like for dessert and I’ll make it for us
            • Don’t head anywhere until you eat, Chip! I’m toasting all of you with the cinnamon schnapps, and then I’ll bring the wagon over for a load-up!

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