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    Hey we are up to 14F! Anyone for a swim?? No, I’m not either! Rx for today from Chip: Hot chocolate, tea, etc.
    Lots of naps, group napping if possible! Blankies!! (Essential!)
    Hot meals, e.g. soup!
    Stay inside!!
    Old movies on your TV!
    Take care! If you do go out, dress appropriately!! 🧡🐾🐈

    • Good advice Chip. I find mom and dad don’t necessarily dress appropriately. They wear no toque. If the temperature on the radio says it will drop to -30C, they will think about the toque. They’re not brave or stupid. Personally. I think they’re lazy and don’t want to go to the effort of putting toques and gloves on. We walk out to the car sitting in our heated garage and if we park right close to….wherever we’re going then we spend about 2 to 4 minutes getting inside. mol
      • That’s excellent advice Chip. Stay warm
        • Chippers, We Rumblers have the cold preparedness down pat!

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