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    Good morning!! What a surprise to wake up to! We were told 1-3” of snows. We actually had…none, zip, zero, nada!! Not one flake! Okey dokey with me!! Mom snd Dad are still feeling great! We all just hope they get their test results soon and that they are negative!! The church decided to continue the no live stuff until February. So mam has no choir rehearsal, no bell rehearsal. No live on person services. Mom is sad, but thinks it’s a good thing. Several church members have become infected. Most at asymptomatic, or very nearly that!!
    Pleeze stay safe, and warm! We are hoping to hear some good news from Jake about his mom. 🧡🐾🐈

    • That is super good news
      • Chip, We are overjoyed that your pawrents are OK, and so glad the Church has called a halt to all performances! Mom’s friend in Arlington, where we stayed, also sings in a choir and rings the small bells, and for the last few weeks, they’ve cancelled every live get together. It’s just not worth getting infected, or infecting! Best to celebrate and worship from the safety of home!
        • It’s great that your pawrents are feeling well. It’s smart that all of the church activities have been halted. Hopefully everyone will be super healthy by the time they start everything up again. I will be more than happy to send you as much snow as you want.

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