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    hi. I’m on my way to HKL, but thought I’d stop here first. Mom and Dad were tested last Wednesday. Thursday evening Mom got her results: negative. Dad didn’t get his. Mom has been asking him to find out! “I will. I will. “. He finally emailed and asked them TODAY, he got his results about an hour ago. . . He’s positive. 🙀 and has been for at least six days!! Mom has scheduled another test for them in the morning. They were already at Molly’s for trivia and came back home. Mom will have to cancel her PT for Thursday. She might have her results Wednesday evening, but she will call in the morning and see if she shouldn’t probably just cancel. They both feel well. But Dad sure is dismal now.

    • He was positive and they did not bother to tell him right away. That is terrible! It is no wonder that it continues to spread, because people do not know that they have it. I really hope that the test was wrong, especially since he feels well. I will pray and purr for him.
      • Wow I hope they are both negative. I’m really glad he’s asymptomatic, goes to show that the vaccine really does work. I wish people would understand that it is just like the flu vaccine-you can still get it just not as bad and you can still pass it like the flu. We’ll pray for two negative tests.
        • Ugh! That’s such a frustrating situation to be in.
          • Bummer, Chip! Best to stay home and not expose or be exposed any longer.

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