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    After Mom’s PT last Thursday, she was really tired. The next morning the pain was back, it had ALMOST stopped. The weekend was pretty painful for her. When she went this am, it was supposed to be her next to last session. She’s now back on for another month. Zac said the radiculous part IS a bit better, but it seems to be muscles were sore after last week he used more weight, and some different stuff. So she not to use any resistance (I.e, the giant rubber band) when she does her exercises. Snd he changed some of them. She’s feeling a little less pain this evening!!

    • I am glad that her physical therapist changed her program. I know they need to push but she does not want to do too much. Sciatica is a pain.
      • Glad to hear your Mom is in less pain Chip. Less pain is a blessing when you’re exhausted from being in pain for a long time… Mom knows – before her hip replacement it was getting unbearable!
        • Thanks furends! Mom really appreciates your concern and your loving purrs!! And so do I!! 🧡🐾🐈
          • I’m glad she got an extension. Glad it’s better. Hope she feels better soon.

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