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    Monday. Yuck. Night temp for today??? 64F. Yeah it was at just past midnight. We’ve had it already. From. I’d isn’t the temp is continuing to drop until tomorrow morning at 6am when it will be 26F. Oh, did I mention the rain??it is coming down like crazy now. But should stop by 8 or 9this am. Isn’t a Monday bad enough ?? Must it be accompanied by heavy cold rain?? I feel some serious napping in in my future!! Mom has been asked to do a painting that will be reproduced on the cover of the Church Bulletin for the Christmas Eve service!! Wow! Is she super excited!! And terrified!! She’s been discussing some of her ideas with me. Since I am her muse. She’d planning to go to the church today to do some sketching of the antique nativity scene they have. She likes the figures! Soft colors, beautiful, but simple figures. Realistic and elegant. Please purr for her to be calm and have patience. One of her first thoughts was that she feels Dad Pete would be pleased and would want her to say yes, so she did!!
    If you have lousy weather where you are, I strongly suggest you consider : naps, snacks, a good book, and other warm, cozy things. Soup!! Soup will be great for lunch!!

    • I’m POSITIVE whatever your Mom does for the Church Bulletin will be perfect. When my Mom was church secretary for a few years at the old Baptist Church here they asked her to do the same for their Christmas bulletin…..there are so many possibilities and I’m sure your Mom will do something memorable!
      • That is really a special honor. Chip please post a picture of her finished picture.
        • She went to the church and tried sketching pieces of the beautiful nativity set there. But she said it just isn’t right. I think she like my suggestion. She needs to use the nativity figures that she designed needlepointed quite a few years ago now. Leave our the Wise Guys, that what I call them, becausE there weren’t the for almost two weeks. But use, Mary, Joseph, the Baby, and the Shepherd!! And paint a background for them and have a good
          photograph of it! There are lots of people at church who are great with a camera!! Here is a picture of the whole set, with no real background.
        • Chip, what an honor that your mom was chosen to do the Church Bulletin art! Whatever she comes up with will be beautiful, meaningful and purrfect!

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