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    Sell…it didn’t rain last night. Mom had choir rehearsal from 9-11am. Them about half the choir wanted to go to lunch. One lady that makes mom snd pretty much everyone crazy wanted to go to a particular place some distance away that was going to be too crowded and had no parking. Choir director wants to go in walking distance. He mentioned Molly’s and said it would be great if we could have that back room to ourselves. ( the Shabeen Room) but he said we probably couldn’t get it on such short notice. Mom slowly raised her little hand, and said I’ll take care of it if that’s where you want to go. Vini shouted yes! Thank you. It’s rarely booked on a Saturday that early. The other lady is really not happy with mom. They had a great time. Lucy, their server told. Mom as people were leaving, that she has really nice friends. Mom told her it was the church choir. Lucy now plans to go to the Christmas Eve service to hear the choir!!! MOm and dad went to the street fair early.
    Eke were wearing masks!,! Not a lot of people were going in the shops. They only went in three or four. It was a warm sunny afternoon. Walking seems to be good for Mom’s sciatica!! Sitting is NOT. But we are all very well. Another great spring day here!! Tomorrow, too! Then a wet winter day. Stay safe!!

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