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    Good Morning!! It’s 41F. Ow and our high is going to be in the mid fifties!!
    Last night was a horror of a night! Well not all of it. Mom and Dad’s trivia team game in second. But they had fun!! It was after they were home things turned really bad. Mom had trouble getting to sleep. I was very snuggly and was happy to snuggle and fall asleep. But then DD started twitching and jerking snd keeping us awake. Finally mom thought he ha quieted down so we went back to bed. About two hours I was very rudely awakened with MOm screaming (well. She was kind of growling. Pretty loud. DD was yelling, .I’m sorry! IM SORRY!!! I’m sorry!” Mom was out of bed in a flash and still growling. He said he was being attacked. (A typical Dad dream ) he punched Mom, pretty hard dead center, mid spine. It hurt. She started saying “I know you didn’t mean too.” Dad: “ I’m sorry!!! I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Mom: “I KNOW, but it still hurts!” It was a nightmare. For all of us. So now her sciatica is really unhappy. The hitting didn’t make it hurt, but the sudden rude awakening made her clench all her muscles, so the muscles that are causing the stricture of the sciatic nerve are all in a dither, thighted up. Not relaxed!! I’m glad they are both going out this morning so I can nap!! DD goes back to the neurologist about that monitor he wore to see what they think is going on. His ❤️ Was fine!! He has his sleep study the night if December 19. I hope something will help his sleep, and those nasty dreams! So we can all sleep! Mom is going with him to the neurologist’s this am. Then she’s getting a haircut. I’ll be catching up on my sleep!! Otherwise we are all quite well. Just sleepy. 😼🧡🐾🐈

    • What an awful night, I sure hope that the doctor can help your dad get some relief from the awful dreams. In the meantime get some good naps today so you’ll be ready for tonight! A cat needs his sleep!
      • I hope the appointment goes well! And I hope mum/s back feels better really soon.
        My Mum said she can sympathize a bit because Dad has restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea, and she’s been the unintended target of a kick and jerked awake by noise. For the most part she sleeps in the guest room/office.
        • Sorry you had a rough night night. Hope it’s a better night tonight.
          • My heavens, your dad does have horrible dreams. This one is very scary and must be fixed. Ny paws are crossed for your dad and Shoko and I send him the POTP to rid himself of these aberrations,
            • I hope that your dad is able to find out why he is having such horrible dreams, I also hope that your mom’s back is better.
              • My goodness, sounds like a double nightmare, Chip! Hope mom and dad can get to the bottom of their sleep troubles. Pain is definitely a downer when trying to drift off. I am happy there are meds that help me, so there must be some that help peeps!

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