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    I’m. NOt sure who said it, but a little while ago I heard somecat say they weren’t sure they really felt up to going to the North Pole, because we are still grieving. I hope whoever said reads this.
    We all are still grieving. Our pain for Mr. Peter is still very fresh and raw. For us all. And for the whole year’s pain. But our friends and furends would really not want us to be unhappy. I’m sure they would want us to all continue with our scheduled events. BECAUSE….by doing those things 1. we will be together! What is better than that!! And if some gets leaky eyes, one (or more) of us is there with a tissue, and they have probably leaked a bit, too. And 2. We are honoring their memories, they were all very much fun loving! Seeing us having a good time together, they will smile, and know that we are holding them in our hearts!

    • It’s MEEEE, Mango! I agree with you Chiperoo!!
      • Very well said, Chip! We Scouts are strong, resilient and supportive. Our Angels want us to continue on with our learning and good works, and have some fun along the way, too!
        • Completely agree, Chipper! We will always be sad at times, but we still must live. <3
          • Chip, we need this. Shoko is very shaken up cause she’ll never see Einey again. We need to let our furs down and laugh in our special way.
            • Chip… are right on my friend. Dad Pete would love to know us scouts were having fun with Santa this year. Of course, it is very hard to push through the grief. Just ask Shoko. She misses Einey something awful but will be with us and having fun cause Einey would want her to carry on with their fun times.
                • That is so true, Tyebe!
                  • We will all do out best to comfort Shoko. We do understand. We don’t need to try to “cheer her up.” That won’t work and might upset her more. But we will be kind, thoughtful, caring. We want her to know she is loved.

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