• Chip posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 6 months ago

    Bunks are all ready for any cat sleeping over tonight. Clean towels and sheets. And this week I washed our electrik blankies!! Our bedtime treats are in the oven now!! And do they smell gooooood!!

    • Thanks we really appreciate you getting the bunks ready for us and washing the electric blankets is a great idea, We can turn them on when we start eating dinner and the beds will be warm and toasty when we get in them. I don’t know what the treats are, but they smell great in the kitchen, I just went in there to check our roast beef and the Yorkshire puddings!/ The roated Potatoes and the Roasted mixed veggies are done and they’re in the warming ovens, The Pear & Pecan Salad is chilling and the corn on the cob is all done! We are ready to put everything on the buffet table as soon as our friends arrive!

      I have to say that Knowing that Einie Fritz Toby and Rumpy are all going to good homes has sure made me feel a lot better! I actually have an appetite tonight!

      • Raz replied 6 months ago
        Thanks Chip!
          • Chip replied 6 months ago
            I enjoy doing it, Raz!!
            And I agree with you, Pete! I hope Einie will be able to join us in the future, but knowing he and his crew are in a loving home really soothes the ache on my heart some!💔 to this ❤️‍🩹!
          • Man, those chips smell tempting, Chippers! Did you get your name because you like chocolate chips?

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