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    Good morning! What a night! I don’t know what Chessie’s problem was last night, but she really bugged Mom and Dad all night long! Mostly Mom. She continually jumped up on their bed and walked all over Mom. Most of the doors in this old house don’t latch well so closing it does nothing. I finally had to go in and crawl up between M&D. That seemed to put Chessie off. So we did get some sleep. So since every pn got up I’ve been in my “winter cave.” That what I call my space under Mom’s metal shelves by her easel. It’s over the furnace register, carpeted, and I have my really pawsum “comfortable” that SammyP’s mom made!! Chessie never come in here. She doesn’t like it!!!! Yippee!!! It s 10am and the temp is 28F. Our predicted big is 38F. The sun is out and it’s still freakin’ freezing!!!
    Otherwise we are all well!! Looking forward to meatloaf sandwiches!! Yummm!
    Oh…there is a new variant of the COVID virus, out of South African. It’s still largely contained, but there is at least one case in Belgium. So please cancel all hour trips to Belgium!! MOL MOL.
    Stay safe! Stay warm! Take care of your shelves and your loved ones!!🧡🐾🐈😻

    • Yes, Chip, you are smart to be near the heating vent…the best place to be in Winter! Covid is far from over, unfortunately. Meatloaf, you say? When can I come over?
      • Chip, might we suggest that your mommy think about what she’s feeling or how she’s feeling when Chessie does this sort of thing? Or purrhaps y’all could check and see ifin something happened outside during said times. Often peeps don’t understand when a kitty is trying to tell them something cuz they don’t expect it and they don’t understand the language. And, purrhaps we’re reading something that isn’t there at all and should be quiet. MOL

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