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    I just want to thank all my furends who were here Tuesday night for dinner. Hearing the sad news put us all into a very sad mood, and none of us felt like eating. So we didn’t. The Angel Scouts picked up the go boxes of all the food, and delivered them to cold, needy, hungry cats. But I want to tell you that even though we didn’t have dinner, or stay very long, it was so good to be together when we heard about Einstein’s dad, Peter. I’m glad we were together!! Thank you!!

    • Well said Chip, We are together in both Happy and sad times and we Blessed to have our scout friends to make the good times happy and the sad times bearable!
      • I am sorry that I could not stay longer. Mom had a migraine.
          • We all love you Friend Andy! Willow and MEEE are sorry to miss last Tuesdays HKL dinner! Mom and Ken went shopping and also bought two heaters because the main house heat source does not currently work!
              • Oh no! I hope that they get the heat fixed.
                  • This is why two additional heaters were necessary and they visited three stores! Finally Ken decided on one oil based solid radiator style heater and one sort of quartz one! Pluses with Mom running the oven it’s at last cozy downstairs! There is always a heater in the bedroom!!
                    • There is a radiator system with a Boiler that doesn’t work well at all!!

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