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    It’s still extremely dark outside! A cool day ahead, upper fifties for our high temp. It’s 51F now. The leaves are starting to turn a little here. But tomorrow, the rain starts and is supposed to go on all week here. Mom wants to try to go look for pretty fall colors this afternoon is she can. I wish I like riding in the car more. I’d love to go with her. We just like being together!! Be safe, Furends! Have a great day!!

    • I hope that your mom has a fun drive. It has been raining here since last Saturday. We are supposed to have a couple of clear days and then back to rain.
      • Chip, car riding is so relaxing! I really love it. Most of mom’s other kitties have also not minded it, but they were always in carriers. I’m generally loose on the seat except for very short trips.

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