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    I spoke too soon. Not a great day. At lease for a couple of our feline neighbors. Mom and I were in my room. Heard some caterwauling!! It was in MY backyard. The ginger, Cropped tail guy from across the street and the black and white, not sure where it lives by on our block. They sun sat there. Glaring. Occasionally thrashing their tails around. Well one did, the orange guy really sent to town thrashing the about three inches of tail he has. Then, I turned my back and they were into some serious cat to cat combat. Screams and screeches! The dogs on either side of us starting barking. Egging the on, I feel sure. Mom decided an intervention was needed. From afar. She opened the back door, making as much noise as possible. They rolled over toward the down hill (slightly) side of the yard. The caterwauLing was dreadful. Chessie is still freaked out!! Mom finally got her shoes on, the deck was really wet and leaf covered. It just continued. Then the both ran between the houses. Finally the black and white one came out the from…Mom was ready with her spray bottle. The B&W saw it and took off across the street. Then slowly up the stairs and around to the back of the red house. A minute later Old Orange Stumpy cam from between the houses. And crossed the street. Slowly. Up HIS stairs, slowly. Up the steps to his porch and sat in front of the door. He kept touching the door with his paw. Knocking, I’m sure. The woman who lives there was upstairs, it’s a duplex. Mom started waving and jumping and trying to get her attention. Stumpy started licking himself. Mom thinks maybe he got hurt. The other czt came out from under a bush znd they stared. Mom was not going to get between them. She left to go to Lowe’s for light bulbs and couldn’t see either cat. So she went across the street. The upstairs window was open and there was the cat feeder. Mom yelled up is your cat ok? She left the window but didn’t come out. Mom went up and rang her Ring doorbell. She ignored mom!! We just hope Stumpy isn’t hurt. Why would anyone have a cat, feed the cat and never let it inside???!!
    Mom and I both need a nap.

    • What an awful thing! I wonder why they were fighting? I hope they are both okay!
        • Chip replied 3 months ago
          We keep looking outside, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of either cat. They both have “homes,” but are “outside” cats. 😿.
        • I hope that they are OK. I wonder if they are male cats who have not been neutered?
          • Hope both cats will be OK. Maybe they were arguing about a nearby lady cat.

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