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    Why am I up so EARLY?? It’s still very dark outside! I should be asleep! Well, I’ll must add an extra nap to my day. Remember that silly allergy doctor told mom she doesn’t have any allergies!?! Yeah, that’s the one. Well her allergies that she doesn’t have kept her awake. Her sinuses hurt! Her head and and nose are very stopped up. She finally gave up and got out of bed and took an antihistamine, a mucinex, and sprayed her nose with saline. The saline did nothing. Nothing at all. So she opened the box with her former nasal spray, (Dad bought her two last time, they were on sale,) and gave a spritz to each nostril. She is feeling much better. So that is why I’m up while it is still dark!! Mom needed me. She’s also a bit annoyed with herself that she forgot that yesterday was Ramses the Great’s birthday. He’s about 3324 this year. She needs a nap! Otherwise…Dad and Chessie are still asleep. Mom and I are about to be asleep again. The weather should be still a bit cool, but nice. If only we were going to have more sunshine!! Catch everyone later!!! 💤💤💤💤

    • Sorry that your mom’s poor nose kept you both awake. An extra nap sounds like a good idea for both of you!
      • Oh no, sorry that your mom’s nose is still bothering her. Does she still have the holes in her sinuses or have they healed? I hope both you and your mom are able to get back to sleep. It is super hard to sleep when you have a stuffed up head. Happy Birthday to Ramses the Great.

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