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    Interesting day ahead. Very cloudy and overcast, but no rain predicted. The high is to be 59F. Pretty chilly. Dad went to Leitchfield yesterday, so he’s at home today. He wants to watch the F1 practice! Austin, TX this weekend! Human sister thought about going to Austin for the race. Then she realized now ridiculously expensive it is! And that was without a hotel!! There are no cheap seats at F1. Mom is planning to pain today!! Yippee!!!! I shall be close by her easel while she is working, hard at work as her muse, and he art critick!! We will stay warm!! She has one of those wire storage racks by her easel with paint and stuff on it. Her rack is really highly customized and pretty cool. She found it two years ago down the alley on junk day!! She really likes it! But finds the wine rack that is the bottom shelf is not used for wine. She smoothed out the wind bottle shapes with a few ALDI boxes that are open at the top and the front! Under one end is the furnace register! She put one of my cat mats beside it. A great customized spot for a feline art lover!! Depending on where YOU are…stay warm, keep cool, nap often!! And PLAY!!

    • Dad has the F1 Practice on DVR so we will start watching after the cleaning person. Have a super day Chip and tell Mom to Paint for Fun
        • Chip replied 2 weeks ago
          Thank you. It took a while…but she wants you to know that we read this again, and that’s exactly what she is doing right now! She’s painting for fun!! 🧡🐾🎨🐈
        • Stay warm and give your mom lots of inspiration. Have fun watching F1.
            • I will, Andy. She says I have a dual role in her painting …. I’m her muse and her best critic!!

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