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    Late start today. Mom had he appointment with the allergy guy this am. Mom said she really wanted to hisssss at him. He told her she has no allergies. He still is going on about the physiotherapy for her neck pain. I told her to tell him the only pain she has on her neck is him!! She didn’t. She thanked him for curing her allergies!! He said it was his pleasure. I guess sarcasm is beyond his comprehension!! Then at 1:40 she saw he dermatologist. He saw no problems on her pasty white skin of a blue eyed red head!! She did ask him to look at her…YUCK! …plantar wart. He froze it. She’s to see him next October, unless she has a problem! He gave her two names of allergy docs that he actually knows!!
    I did get at Campfire too late. But looked at what you all did!! Wowie!! I’ll start tomorrow. Mom is really tired. Dad had bad dreams last night. Really bad. I’m going to go snoopervize her nap. But first do the bunks for HKL!

    • Hey Chip hope Mom maybe finds a new allergist and Dad sleeps better. Bad dreams sound so tough. Purrs for you all
      • I think the pain that the doctor caused is a little south of the neck. I hope that your mom can get an appointment and find out what is going on with her allergies. It seems to take so long to get a doctors appointment

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