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    Good morning, my dear furends!! Sounds like we have pretty much the same weather as Jake today!! So it sounds like a great day, weather wise!!
    Chessie has started drastically increasing her lap time with Mom. Yes, it’s put my tail out of joint, so to meow. I don’t really like it. I’m a bit selfish with Mom and lap time. But I do understand. Maybe this will calm Chessie down a bit!! I do still get good lap time. Mom is very careful trying to keep me from feeling neglected!!
    We are all well. That’s always very good news!!

    • Chip I am sure you both get lots of love from Mom but it is hard. We cats are by nature a bit selfish and I feel the same about Dad even though he goes out of his way to make sure we each get our time with him
      • Of course we’re much les selfish but we have to sample laps and foods for the others safety. mol
        • Sharing is good but don’t let her hog all the lap time! 😉
          • Sisfur can be a pain. I can see why your tail would be out of joint.

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