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    Rumbly Grumbly!! Mom getting ready to go do the scratch on the back allergy testing!! I bet Chessie would love a job like that!! Sadist. Of course it has started raining, and I’m hearing distant rumbles. Dad will get to drive through the worst of it to get to Leitchfield.

    • I wish your mom well with the sctatch test. Chessie and my sisfur Tater sound like two of a kind. My pawrents think Tater is very cute, so she gets away with everything. Is Chessie like that too? Tell your dad to stay safe driving in the rain.
        • There was a big glitch with travel plans this morning. Mom left the house to go for the allergy test. About four blocks away she realized she was driving the wrong car! It had started raining pretty hard..she left the house, ran out and got in her car, the Camry. Dad was planning to drive it to Leitchfield. She came back, parked her car, ran in to tell Dad what was going on, then went out and got in the Saturn. She did see some keys, dad is not at all careful with his keys. That’s why he never knows where they are. She looked at them, they were not his office keys, so she drove off. They were 45 minutes late to start testing so she didn’t get home from her 9:30 appt until noon. Dad was still home. His key to the Camry was in the Saturn. Mom has both keys on one key ring. Not Dad!! He’d been stuck at home! He ended up staying home all day!!
          Dr. Marsha was not in today, so still no word. I’m hoping that means it’s good news. Now I’ll wait until Sunday or Monday. Dawgs!!
            • Chip, maybe your mom and dad need HIS and HERS key hooks. My mom frequently misplaces keys, but now hangs her car key around her neck so it’s always easy to find!
          • That sounds not fun.
            • Tell Mom to be carefull

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