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    Well, I still don’t know if I’m Okey dokey or not. The post that disappeared yesterday told about us sitting in the vet parking lot for an hour. In the car with the A/C on. Cause it was really hot!! Then found out they had called four times! And paged me! They have a bunch of new phone lines for the pandemic but the prefix numbers are different. And mom”smart” phone had classified them as spam and didn’t tell us. They had actually called me almost as soon as we were there and Mom checked me in! She told Dr. Marsha about it and she explained the new numbers. She said when she called with my test results she use the regular number. She didn’t. She called during choir practice and no ringing. Mom happened to look at her phone, it was on the floor by her chair. She had told Vini she was expecting a call and what it was. She left to call back. That number doesn’t receive calls. She called the main number. Explained and ask they give Dr. Marsha the message. No more calls, mom called again. They would give her the message. Much later, about 9:30. Someone found mom’s undelivered messages. Mom explained, again. She said she WILL MAKE SURE DR. MARSHA GETS IT THIS AM.! So she will probably call during Mom’s allergy testing!! MOL! So I’m still waiting.

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