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    At last! Home again!! We would have been home much sooner if Mom had not blocked spam on her phone. We arrived not quite 11:30. Mom ran in snd checked me in and came back to the car. She was really nice about it. Parked slightly under a tree for some shade. That was the shadiest spot in their parking lot! Then she thought it was still too hot and really noisy with big trucks, so she turned on the car and and a/C to keep me comfy. By 12:30 we were both tired and tired of waiting so she called them (about 50 feet away) they said they had called her four times and paged her on the outside speakers. And that Dr. Marsha had left for lunch. But I would be first when she got back. Mom, poor sweet human, has blocked spam calls and it never even showed on the screen. We were in the farthest corner of the lot with windows up and a/c on. They called in about five minutes. She was back and we went right it. She let me sniff the entire exam room, even on the counter!! Not just the exam table. They noticed my ears and what you could see of the skin on my whole head was deep red!! Dr. Marsha said that since it isn’t usually like that it is stress. She is so nice and kind. Mom explained why I was there. Lost a little bit of weight, eating well. Nothing seems wrong. She took me to the back where stuff is done. And stole some of my blood. She will call later today. On a number that will show up, and mom has disabled the no spam thing for now. She said she thinks I’m Okey dokey!! But the test will tell. Whew!! I’m so glad to be home!!

    • Oh! After she stole my blood, she gave me some really good treats!! Reasonably fair trade, I suppose.
      • Wow you had rough morning. I am glad that you were finally able to get in. I hope that your bloodwork comes back good. It’s terrible that humans get so many spam calls on their phones.
        • Glad you are home and had a treat Chip

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