• Chip posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months ago

    Good morning! And I do mean it seems to be a good one! Yesterday evening…yep! Inter webs went out. Again!! Mom finally called AT&T. It’s that same silly white box on my wall. Mom finally got to a human. He was nice. But…you guessed it! Tuesday. But he said, with permission from his supervisor that he has but us on some sort of site in their computer that if there were cancellations, we could move up. (Chessie! Don’t be so cynical!! She said if you believe that one she has a bridge for sale! Oh that gerl!!!). He said something strange though…IF it should get better, let them know, but don’t cancel the appointment, it probably should be changed….sounds like this is a common problem? Mom and I were up about 3am. No change. But we got up about an hour ago…all lights are green! And I’m watching qualifying! Dad even served me my breakfast in my room in front of the tv!! How cool is my dad!!! So we are all well today. An hoping this box keeps working until Tuesday!! Oh Hamilton got the pole. And Max is seven thousandths of a second behind!! But I think Hamilton has a ten place penalty for his engine goof last race.

    • Chip replied 2 months ago
      Oh. That was only Q1.
      • Jake replied 2 months ago
        Not having the Inter Webs or having issues all the time is a real pain. We kept having trouble where ours was going down once or twice a week. And all through the day it would go out for like a few seconds or minutes. Seemed to have stopped now so maybe they fixed the problem at the main site that kept going down.
        • Practice was something today Chip we still have to watch qualifying. Those boxes with intermittent problems are the WORST. Glad they are coming out to swap it.
          Jake we used to have that problem all the time. About 5 years ago they rewired the street poles wires and since then it has been better
          • How frustrating, I hope they swap the box out for you and check the signal to make sure that you are getting a good signal.

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