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    I’ve been up for hours. So has everyone else. Mom was out the door by 9. Last night her Fairy Stone came off it’s chain. The failure was the jump ring, it wasn’t tightly closed in a circle, AND the eye thingy that is stuck into the top of the Fairy stone. It’s wearing very thin. Duh! Mom has worn if for a good bit of the time she has had it. Her dad gave it to her when she was 12. So she has now had it for sixty years!! Those are human years!! They were able to double the jump ring so it doesn’t have an easyopen place. But she needs to find someone to replace the eye thingy. We know it can be done. But the man mom and dad knew who did that sort of thing, died several years ago. She’s looking for someone who can fix it better.
    She also went to Cave Hill Cemetery while she was out. They have a beekeeper and sell honey. Local honey is supposed to be good for allergies. And those bees are within a half mile to our house. That’s pretty local. Since she has had their local honey her allergies are much better. She ran out at the beginning of this year. So maybe, just maybe this explains her worse allergies now. So she’s all set!! Yippee!
    I’ve convinced Mom to get rid of a lot of stuff. Old clothes, junk. You know the kind of stuff humans hang on to. She’s also on her third load of laundry today!! Wow, I’ve really got her going! Stay well my furends! Keep YOUR humans under control!! Nap often!! And watch old movies!!

    • If Mom could find a good jeweler that would be who could do this no problem, That honey sounds like a good idea and honey has great healing properties Purrs Chip
      • Wow your mom has been really busy. Locally produced honey is awesome and honey is great for healing. I hope that your mom finds a jeweler who can fix her fairy stone chain. It has so much sentimental value for your mom.

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