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    It’s Caturday!!! Yippee!!! It’s 58F right now, at 8am. Another cool day, night of 68F. Chessie is in some sort of mood already! She just knocked over The waste basket by Mom’s art stuff. She looking for trouble!! If she can’t find any…she creates it herself!! But other than Chessie’s rude behavior, all is well at our house. Mom is going to try to make an appointment for her booster shot. And she wants to get her flu shot at the same time. Enjoy hour Caturday, my furends! Nap often! Catch ya later!!!🐈🐾🧡

    • Dad is still thinking of that third Vax and will get his Flu at the same time if he can
      • Hi Chip.
        • I thought the flu shot only came out later in the year. Maybe that’s just here in Canada. The booster hasn’t been recommended here yet so I’ll wait for that one. Chessie was in a mod this morning.
          • Sisfurs can sure be pests. I hope that your mom can get an appointment for a booster shot and flu shot.

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