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    Not supposed to rain today. But it sure is cloudy! No sunshine peeping through st all. And it was less than fifty degrees last night! When Mom and I got up because DD was running in his sleep, riding a bicycle, ot too sure which, we came in my room and she pulled the little heater out of the closet!! But, we are Okey dokey! It was good see that the Pfizer booster has been approved for those over 65, healthcare workers, those with immune system difficulties. Mom is ready! They say wait six months after your second dose. It’s more that seven for her. And she needs a ‘flu shot. Stay safe! Keep warm!! Nap often!!

    • Dad is thinking about that booster but has not made up his mind yet. He has a super immune system with decades of no colds or virus
      • Is your mom going to get the booster? It has only been five months since mom and dad got their shots. Mom does not know if she should get a booster. Mom and dad wear masks when they go into stores. Very few people are wearing masks, including store employees.

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