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    Hey, Cats!! It’s Fry-yay!! Yippee!! I’m not really sure what’s so exciting about a Friday, I’m a cat! Days of the week are not that different to me usually! Anyway…we are all doing great!! Dad is going back to Leitchfield today. I think. The office manager, Jon, a really nice guy! Has been staying nome a lot, his wife has COVID, and they have a four year old son who has serious health issues. He has had open heart surgery a couple of times, and the first was before he was two. They are very, very protective of him! They have both been vaccinated, but she got it anyway. That county is very rural, NO even medium sized cities! It’s also most not vaccinated. But Dad feels safe, because, being a construction company…hardly anyone is ever in the office, except for Jon, and sometimes the “bookkeeper” who still do East know what she’s doing. They are vaccinated and all have separate offices, and are rarely all three there at the same time! Mom’s nose continues to feel good!! She might have found a good ENT doc. Working on that!! My goal today is to get Mom back to her easel! It’s been a week!! If she’s. Ot careful she could get fired!! MOL! She’d have to fire herself!! MOL! Stay safe! Practice talking like a pirate! I might watch some pirate movies today. I’ll let you know, maybe we can do it at Sildcats this afternoon. Be safe, my furends!!

    • Hope Jon’s wife is okay and that their little boy improves!
      • Glad that your mom may have found a good nose doctor. Having her nose working properly is bound to make her feel more like painting!
        • It is really important to find a specialist that you are comfortable with. Dad feels so lucky for his docs . Tell Dad to practice distance and hand washing in the office and just keep his door closed if he has one
          • I hope that your friend is OK. Glad to hear that your mom’s nose is improving.

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