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    Good Morning, Cat Scouts!!! Mom is up! Dad is not. She did get some sleep last night, she’s as excited as a kitten on Christmas Eve!! It Vincent Van Gogh Day!! She’s had her clothes all laid our for two days! (You’d think VVG himself was going to meet her at the door, or something! Last night at Trivia, Mom and Dad’s team WON, again! But this time by forty points!! Mom got them five points by knowing the word “eschatology”!!! The stuff in her head just overwhelms me!! Snd her team. She also knew what doctor first used rubber gloves!! Another five points for William Halsted, MD!!! She even knew that Dr. Halstead asked his neighbor if he could make some gloves out of that rubber stuff he was fooling around with. The neighbor was Harvey Firestone!! The gloves were for the doc’s scrub nurse, her hands were getting all rough and scratchy. She was a bit more than JUST his scrub nurse, if you know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge! The welfare of the patients was coincidental!! MOL!! Have a great day! Keep those ears and paws clean!!

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