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    It just might be a pretty good Monday!!! My weather app says high of 79f! Wowie!!! And no rain expected! Sounds purrfect!!! Mom is just getting so excited!!! Really looking forward to leaving Sednesday morning and leaving me at nome alone, ok…Chessie will be here..all day long!!, while she and Dad go to the exhibit in Indy. Actually I’m glad they are going to see it. And I would probably hate it. All those lights, funny smells, music, people, humans!, walking around. Sounds dreadful to me. But I’m looking forward to hearing about it.
    Everycat have a great day! Nap often and long!! Keep you ears and paws clean! Try to get lots of treats!!

    • Sounds like a good day and advice Chip. Yes, sounds and lights and people does not sound like fun to me
      • We wouldn’t like it either chip but would like to her about it.
        • I would love to hear about it. The exhibit was in Cleveland but it left on June 1st. I hope you will tell us all about it.
            • I will, Andy. It’s still going to be in lots of places for quite a while!! 65 US cities will host it. And apparently there are a few variations of it. They all have Starry. Ignition and Sunflowers. Maybe your humans can catch it somewhere else!! I’m sure looking forward to hearing about it!! I’m sure there will be some pictures!! Mom’s new mask arrived yesterday. She found one online, it has Van Gogh’s Irises on it! It will be purrfect with her Irises scarf from France snd her pretty Irises Brooch that originally came from the MFA in Boston! But my Uncle Bill got it for my at an auction, it was at the bottom of a box of Stuff he bid on and won!! Mom is ready for this!!!

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