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    Good morning, my furends!! We all had a good night,s sleep here. I am so relieved about that, I was afraid. MOm was going to have bad dreams. (Dogs!!!! There goes Abby again. The woofie to our left. Pete puts her out into the fenced yard to what a dog needs to do , then let’s her bark her silly head off before he finally lets her back in. She seems to be a real indoor woofie. I wish Pete was nicer to her. Her bark is so sad and annoying, so unhappy. The woofie on the other side of like to be out sometimes. He only barked if he sees someone he doesn’t know. It’s a happy bark, like..hey hey, who are you?? Hey hi. See me!! It’s not an irritating sound. His family loves him! They play and talk. Pete never talks to Abby. So sad.
    Anyway we are all very well! Mom snd Dad are going to the “football” AKA soccer game this evening I think. At the new stadium. Mom is just hopingshe gets to sit down. She thinks it weird that the fans stand up the whole time the game is being played.then they sit down at halftime. Seems backwards.
    Have a great Caturday!! Stay cool. Stay dry, stay hydrated!!

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