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    We found each other. Hermes sisfur, Athena ran off to the bridge very unexpectedly. They all missed her, but Hermes most of all. The vet, who was Dr. marsha’s father, Said, “get him a kitten!” Mom went to Feeder’s Supply, where the Shamrock society showed their cats. Mom was walking around the cages. I stuck my paw out and snagged her sweater sleeve. She stopped and said Hi! and moved on. When she got to the ens she came back. I snagged her again. Again, she carefully removed my tiny sharp claws. I snagged her with my other paw. We just looked into each other’s eyes, and she said, “yes.” She had to fill out the application, be checked out, the even called her vet! She passed, I knew she would. And two days later, I was in my new, forever home. In time for Christmas! Hermes and I were great furends right away!!
    Other than Mom and Dad, my favorite person is my sister, Sarah. I don’t see her enough, but I love her and I know she loves me!
    After I joined the family, being only five months old, I was still pretty bouncy. And Hermes had already been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Mom was afraid I was too much fir him, so she went back to Shamrock. I was one of a litter of eight. She thought it would be best to find one of my litter mates. There were two left, a good looking black guy and one other. Maybe she should have taken me with her, I don’t know. The black cat showed no interest in Mom at all. The other one did that was Chessie. Mom didn’t find out for two years that whoever fostered Chessie should never be allowed near another cat! Chessie was six months old, and those awful people had kept her in a cage! , always!! Barbarians!! So Chessie never was .socialized. And it really was too late for it to happen. So she’s a bit fussy. Hisses a lot. Sometimes just smacks me. I rarely hiss back. It doesn’t help to hiss back. So we aren’t really good furends. I wish we were. Maybe she does too, but just doesn’t know how.
    If I ever got lost?? I don’t know what I’d do. I just hope I’d find my way back home soon. I never even try to run out the door. I’m happy here. I do try to practice my Cat Scout survival skills. I sometime watch the videos we have seen. I check my go bag every odd numbered month. I try hard to be purrpared.
    Dad told Mom st dinner a little while ago that I was the killer of the mouse. He said he heard a lot of running and scuffling around last night. Snd it was not Chessie because she was asleep on his legs. Then it suddenly stopped. I was nearby when Mom found the DEAD MOUSE, but I didn’t say anything. I try to pull my weight around here. I think I answered all the questions. It’s been a fun Friday!!

    • That is such a cute picture! You have a great story. I think that Chessie acts the way she does is because of her first home. I am glad that you are tolerant of her hissing at you. It really doesn’t do any good to hiss back. I am glad that the mousie is gone.
      • Chip that is a great story. My brofur Toby snagged our Dad on the day he was “just visiting” a local rescue. Poor Chessie. Rumpy has the same story. Dad brought him up from W. Virginia on the pet railroad. He has poor cat 2 cat skills too
          • A good way to find a home is to snag a human as they walk by. They can’t resist.
              • Chip’s mom: it sure worked for Chip! After he snagged me the first time, I was smitten, but thought I should T least look at everycat. To be polite. And then when he got me the third time…..he had me snagged for good!! I love you, Chiplet!!!
                As, Mom! No body knows you call me that. I mean they didn’t know that. Now absolutely every cat knows that!!
            • Chip, that was a great way to get your mom‘s attention and get adopted! That is nice that you are tolerant of Chessie. And you are a mighty hunter as well!
              Chiplet, you look cute in your picture.

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