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    Greetings on this fine Friday morning!! Yippee!! Friday!! Whatever that means to a cat in a pandemic!! MOL!! Mom and I are watching the parade of Olympians!! Pretty cool. Check out the little Google logo at the top of their page today. Japanese style anime! With a cute little cat!! I don’t think any of you knew me five years ago, during the last summer Olympic, I developed a real passion for indoor volleyball!! If I was in the farthest part of the house when it came on tv, I came running!! Mom even recorded a few games on the DVF, and I watched them over and over again! So, I’m getting excited!! DD kept telling everyone that I only watched BEACH volleyball. No, thanks!! Indoor for me! Here’s a picture of me watching five years ago!!⚽️🧡🐾🥇

    • We are all well! I’m just excited!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Have a great day, my furends! Watch the olympics!!! And keep your paws clean!!

    • Wow, you’re into it! COOL! That make me want to tell mum to put the tv on for us!
      • Thats right it starts today. Cool. Chip you are a smart kitty. I like car racing but that isn’t in the Olympics. Maybe I will give Volleyball a try
          • Yep, Einstein! F1 and volleyball!!
            FYI: Max, needless to say, was absolutely furious about the incident Sunday. So was Christian Horner!! He went to complain and was mad as a wet cat!! Dad says “it was just a ‘racing incident’ “. but I think there was anger involved.
          • That is hilarious
            • We are going to watch the opening ceremony tonight. Mom turned on our NBC channel and they were covering it so she changed the channel. She did not want to spoil it for tonight. Mom’s favorite is women’s gymnastics.
              They make it look so easy and it is so hard.

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