• Chip posted an update in the group Group logo of Wildcats – Troop 1Wildcats – Troop 1 2 months ago

    Okey Dokey Scouts lets celebrate!!!! Sawyer is home!!! we will have to celebrate without him, since it looks likes he’s seriously grounded for life!!!! but when that over, we can celebrate again!!!!
    everycat, and everycat pawrent….EXHALE!!!!!

    • Jake replied 2 months ago
      OMC you don’t know how happy mom and I was happy to see this posted on FB. Thank goodness.
      • WHAT? WOW! We Angels heard a celebration but there was so much commotion we didn’t know what was going on YAY Sawyer
        • This is SUPER! WOWEE!
          • ♥️ Mama is wiping tears from her eyes. Thank you, Lord, for guiding Sawyer home. ♥️

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