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    Hey read all about it in I’m ok, you’re ok. Mom is still feeling puny. I did get the bunks done. Instead of candy this week, something different. There are choices, so there’s a big basket in each bunk room. Nabs!!! Does anyone know what they are?? Nabs comes from Nabisco, the National Biscuit Company! Crackers with peanut butter. Little sandwichey things. Mom’s mom loved them. We do too. The baskets have a bunch or each flavor! My fav (and Mom’s, too) is the malt flavor! Take a few! I’ll try to be here for dinner, but I need to keep an eye on Mom. Her BP has been so well controlled for maybe 25 years! I’ll see how she is, and then decide if I come here or stay.

    • We love nabs, and like the peanut butter flavor!
      So sorry your mom is feeling puny! This hot weather can be very dangerous for our pawrents, tell her that she needs to be very careful!
      • Ooo Toast Chee! Dad loves these so I hope you dont mind if I take him two packs of those. I like them all. Thanks for the bunks and treats Chip we are so glad Mom is alright
        • Nabs are yum – Mom always takes a few packages of those when she and Dad take a drive in the country – you never know when you’ll need a little snack!

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