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    Mom an Dad walked over to a neighborhood place for a late lunch outside. Dad beat Mom at a game of scrabble. It’s really hot out. They started home, mom was just really tired. Kinda wiped out like Pepe Le Pew had been chasing her through the desert. Dad had to carry her purse. It NOT very big! It got worse. She knew what it was but said nothing. They made it home. Three blocks. She checked her BP. yep. 153/99. She took another pill and is in bed. She will let her doc know, or of it stays like this, or gets worse…trip to the ER.

    • That in not terribly high according to Nurse Dad but it is if it stays there. Keep a close paw on her Chip
        • Thanks, Timmy. It’s higher than her usual, but the fact that she just felt so awful concerned her. I just checked on her, it’s not quite 4:30am. 142/86, and she feels pretty much herself!! I am sticking close to her. She likes that!! Pleeze tell your Nurse Dad how much I appreciate his reassurances!!
          It sounds like you and your Dad are having some real quality time together, but I think you have always done that! ❤️🐾 I think I’ll see if I can purr Mom back to sleep!! And purrs to you, too, my Furend!!
        • I hope that your mom feels better, Chip.

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