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    Good morning!! I hope you wake up to sunshine! I didn’t. But whatever!
    I just helped Mom place an order on line. I will get a confirmation when it is delivered. They say three to four weeks, I’m not sure if that is written in Stone or not!! End of message! We are all very well here! And grateful for that!! Purrs to everycat!! Enjoy the day, whatever it brings!! And keep those paws clean!

    • Another new career for me! (See my above note.) I can be an executive assistant!! Or maybe I’ll be the executive and Mom can be the assistant! But I’m really into this Art Critic career!! Mom nearly always gets a “Paws Up.” (Hey, I want to get fed!!)
      • Ordering online fun is a big job Chip ease into it slowly. Only order a Nanner or two and then move into a new Cat Tree
          • Wow!! I was just helping Mom. Do you mean I could get stuff for MYSELF.? Oh. My goodness! HEY! MOM! YOU LOOK REALLY TIRED, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A NAP!!
            What? NO I haven’t seen your purse! Cant you keep track of your own stuff??
          • Helping to order stuff is super fun! I hope your mom gets to take a nap. Humans don’t nap like we do, but sometimes they need a good nap.
              • Mom loves her catnaps! She hasn’t been able to take one recently, but says they do help “catch up” on lost sleep. I don’t know what lost sleep is. I don’t lose any of mine….anybody else?

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