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    Did feral Clairice remind anyone else of Gran, in many ways?

    • That is a good observation Chip. I did not think about that, but it is true. Both were strong willed and no nonsense
      • No…..I could understand why Clarice did the things she did and acted the way she did but I could not understand why Gran acted theway she did. Her character didn’t seem flushed out enough for one to care. She just seemed like a pervert.
        • I guess if you really look hard but Clarice is really a feral and comes across as a tough character. Kind of like you would expect to find living wild
          • She did! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her!
            • Clairice kind of reminded me of the feral cat Angie in the first Sam the cat detective book.
              Tough and cautious and difficult because of her life on the streets.

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