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    Cool and Damp today. But we are Okey dokey!! Mom and Dad were the whole Team again last night…..but they WON,!! By I bunch of points!! $25 gift certificate to Molly’s. And the sponsor, Jägermeister, had brought a box of swag, again! Last week Dad got a button front shirt. Green with advertising. But cool. Mom found a big long scarf! Green on one side, orange with Jägermeister in green on the other side. Green fringes!! I’m pretty sure she won’t be wearing it to church, if she ever gets to go again!! But she said she will wear it to Trivia!!
    Rain has stopped. Temp only going to mid 60s today. Oh well. I could be much worse! Stay safe, my furends!!

    • It’s cool that your pawrents won a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Swag is cool too.
        • Last time they won, the got the gift certificate, and Mom got some sunglasses. Orange and green, of course. But they are well mad, sturdy and the lenses are dark, and very clear to see through. They life in the sunglasses holder over the rear view mirror of her Camry!
        • Your mom and dad must be smart and a little lucky too.
          • That sounds like a fun time and your parents are a great team. Dad says when he hears about families having fun together it is the best news in the world. Sunglasses are nice
            • Your folks are real winners, Chip!

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