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    We are Okey dokey!! But I have a feeling that a lot of people in Louisville, and a bunch of other places aren’t going to be for long. AND…we will probably be getting a new mayor with the next election. Today’s local news…everyone wore a mask to get into the Derby. Most of them immediately came off and stayed off. We Cat Scouts had noticed that Saturday! There are also lots of our current mayor NOT wearing a mask in lose contact with lots of people. Local doctors are getting ready! But as if that’s. Ot bad enough, many of those people were from other states!, they probably took it home with them. Churchill Downs made the rules. But they did nothing at all to even try to enforce them. The news is a
    Saying this could be another super spreader! Thankfully, the Cat Scouts did all follow the rules for Cats!!! I’m not a happy kitty today.

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