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    Hello everyone, I am CharlesDonald. Many of you remember my brother OliverHughes, and I hope that I can live up to his memory as a new kit scout.

    • You are adorable!! Welcome to Cat Scouts!!
      • Hi CharlesDonald! You are a mighty cute little guy and we are SO happy to have you in Scouts. We’d be proud to have you in our Patrol (Rumbling Thunder) but we have THREE Patrols in the Troop and I’m sure you’ll be welcome ANYWHERE!
        • Hi Charles Donald. Aren’t you an adorable little thing. Welcome to Cat Scouts. I am certain Oliver Hughes has told you how much fun you are going to have. We know you will follow in his paw steps and be a terrific Scout.
          • Welcome CharlesDonald! I love your coloring.
            • Hi….. Charles Donald. Welcome to Cat.Scouts. I too am new. My brofur Charles was also a Scout. He was a time around the same time your brofur Oliver Hughs was a Scout. I am looking forward to have a great time as a Scout.
              • You are so little. What a cutie. Welcome.
                • Charles you look like you are good Scout material. You will have a good time. I was a Kit Scout when I joined so I can give you some pointers. Your little white spots are so cute like my Angel brother Mr Buttons.
                  • Welcome. Your so cute.
                    • Hi CharlesDonald. Welcome to Cat Scouts. I know that you will be a great scout, just like Oliver Hughes. You are adorably cute.
                      • You are too cute, CharlesDonald! You will make a terrific Scout and we are glad to have you here!

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