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    I’m ok but mom isn’t too happy she had to report for jury duty on one of the last beautiful days of fall in Michigan. She has a feeling she will be booted off because of her LE background.

    • Maybe she will get booted because of her background When mom was a juror (last summer) some people answered questions in a way that would definitely get them booted off. One lady did not want to be on the jury, so she said that she had strong opinions and probably could not be impartial. It was a criminal trial so they had to let the lady go, Mom ended up being a juror. She is not sure that she would want to do it again. I hope that your mom can get booted and that she is not there very long.
      • My mom has never been asked to serve on a Jury, but a few weeks ago she was summoned to serve in Maryland, which has not been her legal residence in over a year! She had to send them the proof of new residence.

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