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    Attention All Cat Scouts
    You will be receiving in the a box in the mail. It says from us but it’s not really from us. PLEASE be good scouts and don’t open it until Santa tells you to open it on Saturday.

    • Wow! Cat! This is exciting! And I purromiss I won’t open it, I won’t even shake it! Would it be ok if I sniff it?? I’m not sure I can keep from sniffing it. But pleeze be assured that while I am a cat and do have a very good sniffer, I don’t have a nose like Seymour!!!!
        • we sniff everything that comes from our fellow scouts. Seymour has the best sniffer. I am glad that he is coming along on our Santa trip and Jamboree. we never know when we will need his good sniffer.
        • I got mine today. It is still unopened and on Mom’s desk where no one can bother it until Saturday. I am really excited this is the first time I got mail with my name on it. Mom said I may be late commenting as we think O is having a birthday party Saturday. Her and Grandma both have birthdays on the 9th.

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