• Cat P posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months ago

    We are checking in really late. Mom cried herself to sleep last night and I think she may again tonight. We’ve been teary eyed much of the day. Good night my friend.

    • This is really sad. Our mom’s need lots of comforting purrs. My mom cried herself to sleep last night too. When she woke up she grabbed her phone and logged into Scouts. She was hoping that it was a just a nightmare. When she saw that it was true she started crying again.
      • Chip replied 2 months ago
        We’ve been through a lot of sadness and hurt in the past year. Too many of us have gone to the bridge, and we have lost humans we love dearly. DenMaster has had more than her share of terrible things, that has hurt all of us, too, because we love her so much. Several of our moms have been sick, we feel that pain, also. And that darn pandemic lurks around everywhere, Just waiting. I know all lives have good and bad in them, but it sure seems like we have had more than usual! And this doesn’t include the aches, pains, hurts, disappointments we haven’t shared here. And all this pain and sadness brings us tears. Crying can be very therapeutic! So when you feel you need to cry..cry! Sometimes we really need to just give in and feel mizerable! Then we pull our selves together! We really are strong inside! And as our governor here in Kentucky has been saying since the pandemic started: “We will get through this. We will get through it TOGETHER!” We need each other! And we are so lucky…we have each other!! I love you, My furends! Everyone of you! And your pawrents, too! And we have each other!! always remember that!
        It’s really late, I was having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I must confess……I have fleas. Chessie does too. Mom put that yucky stuff on the back of out necks yesterday morning. So they have gotten their eviction notice, they must be packing their belongings, and planning a last big meal before they go! I’ve also been thinking about all this mizzery, and that wasn’t helping me sleep. So let’s all go have a really good cry, and snuggle with our fursibs, and/or our pawrents, and get some sleep. We will get through this! Together!🧡🐾🐈🕯
          • Mom says when she is really sad, she embraces it until finding the peace and strength to move on.
            • Very well said Chip. Our heads are just spinning. We couldn’t say anything until now. The grief we all feel is immeasurable! A piece of us has been cut out and thrown away. This hurts so bad. We crawl away when we are very sad…..even mom. We all will get over this and look at the fun times eventually but that feels a long way away today.
                • Chip replied 2 months ago
                  Shoko, of course you’ll “get over it” or maybe begin to accept it. We all react differently. And not always the same every time. Crawling away has its merits. When we feel the world has gone completely bonkers, crawling away give us time to find our way through it. We all will feel our grief less before too long. Then we can maybe find that place in our hearts where the departed are still with us.
                  Purrs, Shoko🧡🐾🐈
                    • Shoks, crawling away or embracing our hurt and sorrow have the same effect….eventually we’ll come out the other side stronger and better for having known and loved a great friend.
                  • Chip you really summed it up! This last year as been really awful!

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