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    Happy Friday. We are doing ok. Mom and Dad are heading to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to go camping. It’s about a five hour drive with gas stops. We get to see our favorite, one and only pet sitter for the next few days. Our weather is in the low 80s so it’s pretty nice here.

    • I hope that your pawrents have nice weather for their camping trip. Does your dad drive over the Mackinac Bridge? Enjoy your time with your pet sitter and remember to poo.
        • Dad did drive over the bridge even though he hates it. Mom was relieved because she doesn’t mind driving over the bridge she’s never pulled the trailer and she didnt her first attempt to be over the bridge. And speaking of poo, mom almost cancelled her trip because she realized I went a day and a half with nothing. She gave me catlax and miralax and I went so she went on her trip.
            • I am glad that you made a poo before your pawrents left. Can your mom practice driving the trailer around your area. When mom was little her parents had a trailer and I guess it can be a little tricky to drive. Grandma Doris learned how to drive but she did not like pulling into gas stations, or backing up. When they would stop somewhere (rest stop) they would park far away from everyone and pull though two spaces.
          • Have fun, Cat!
            • Glad to hear you are back to “regular” Cat. Mom and Dad will have fun

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