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    Hi everyone. Mom and Dad are camping Up North. Today was my big med day and the cat sitter had to give me my meds. Up until today she only had to give me liquid and ear rub meds but today she had to use the pill shooter not once but twice along with my other meds. By the time she got to the third pill I was fed up and let her know by growling at her but I still let her give me the pill. I’m ready for my mom to come home but they won’t be home for two more days.

    • Cat I’m glad you let the sitter give you all your meds – I’m sure it’s not fun having them but they are important in keeping you feeling good! I know you must miss your Mom and Dad – it won’t be long now before they’re home!
      • Cat…you don’t have to like getting medicine, a little grumbling seems ok to me! But you did let your sitter give it ti you!! You are a good cat, Cat!! Hang in there, and your pawrents will be home soon!!
        • I hated medicine. I used my claws and teeth.
          • Glad you did finally got your meds Cat. Hope they are working for you. We have a pill shooter but are glad everyone uses the pill pockets. Dad got my refill of my prednisone today and it is a liquid which is not too hard to take. Hope Mom is having fun.
            • It is hard to take medicine and even harder when you have someone else giving it to you.

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