• Cat P posted an update 2 years ago

    Hello I thought I’d give you short update from my hospital bed. The Dr said I’m still dehydrated this morning. I am refusing to eat so mom told them they can give me a feeding tube in my nose. Timmy you’d better eat buddy so you don’t get one of these. My gi is inflamed, there are a few possibilities but I won’t bore you with them. They say I’m improving and they all really like me here. I’ve been giving everyone head bumps and purring for them. I may end up here another night. Take care everyone and I hope to be back soon!

    • Chip replied 2 years ago
      If your doc thinks you need another night, then, that’s what you need. We all just want you feeling better…no, not just better, we want you feeling catteriffic!!! Take good care! We are all, also thinking, and purring for your mom! All our pawrents understand how she feels! We all love you very much!!
      • Oh Cat, that makes me so sad. I hope you can go home before Christmas!

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