• Bunty B posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months, 1 week ago

    Mommy’s doctor appointment didn’t go too well. They wanted blood and couldn’t get any. Mommy went back today and they had to take it out of the top of her right hand. Her cell phone has stopped updating and accessing the internet so it’s frustrating her. She can’t swap it out for another phone unless she is at an actual store.

    • Ouch it is horrible when they can’t get blood and they keep sticking and sticking. I am glad that they finally got some. I hope she did not get bruised from all the attempts to get blood. Hope that she can get to the cell phone store soon.
      • Ooo that was no fun for Mom Bunty. Make sure you purr her up. Dad hates that and switched to Trackfone for that reason

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