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    And the Denmaster asked me to explain about the crafts classes….when she mailed all of the packages with craft supplies to all of you who are merit badge earners, she learned that there may be delivery delays due to the current USPS slowdowns and elimination of overtime. Delays vary by area….they are bad near CSWHQ, but other areas are unaffected. It sounds like package mailings are the hardest hit, with package sorting machines being shut down and the packages piling up. So we’re going to have a single crafts class on Saturday, assuming that at least some of you have received your materials by then. We’ll run thru instructions here at camp (so you should attend even if you don’t yet have your package), and then follow up after camp to finish up the projects, show them off, and earn your merit badges. Not a purrfect scenario, but we’ll make it work!

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