• Oliver posted an update in the group Group logo of Hello Kitty LoversHello Kitty Lovers 4 months ago

    I’m late too, Sammy. I’m hoping there’s some left for us.

    • Hi Oliver, it’s great to see you. There is plenty of food left. The pulled pork is awesome, Pete H smoked it for 5 hours.
        • Great to see you too, Andy.
          Guess I’ll grab a plate & help myself. Menu sounds really good.
        • Everyone was late, so there is plenty of food, I’m hoping Seymour will be along in a bit. Chip was here, but he had to leave to be with his dad who just got back a positive test result and although he feels fine he is quite worried!
          • Hello My Sweet Oliver’s it’s Your Mango!!
            • Oliver I left you a message ref your mousie toy.
              • Better late than never- right Oliver? 🙂

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