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    All ok here. Kinda cold here today. Everything was going all right until my dad opened door to Goldie’s room. He ran out and I immediately attacked him. He got away and ran to hide. My mom got me and next thing I know I was spending the afternoon in the master bedroom. They don’t know why I do this and neither do I. I was pretty good friends with Max and Lucky who have since gone to Rainbow Bridge. I know I upset Mom and Dad with my bad behavior, but I just can’t stop myself.
    Hope to be able to participate in HKL Dinner on Tuesday. I’ve missed two in a row now.

    • Oliver, You might just have some pent-up energy! Hopefully you’ll be nice to Goldie from now on!
      • Oliver I’ve never fought with my bother but I do hiss at him alot maybe you could just try hissing instead of fighting.
        • Oliver, do you think that you are still just missing Lucky and Max so much, that you are a bit afraid to get too close to Goldie, for fear of losing another furend? We cats are complex critters!!
          • Oliver, I hope that you learn to peacefully coexist with Goldie. My sisfurs Tater and Shelly never got along. They would hiss at each other and when they got to close together they would give each other the wacky paw. They eventually learned to peacefully coexist and not get into each others space. The funny thing is that when Shelly got sick, Tater would sit near her and watch over her. It’s like Tater knew Shelly was getting ready to go to the Bridge and she wanted to make up with her.
            • Sounds like referred aggression Oliver. Once a cat feels like that it is really hard to un-learn.

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