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    Anya’s mom, here. I wanted to stop by and spend a quiet moment to remember a sweet cat that I loved as my own. I am so thankful that Anya and I had a week to spend with Gracie this past December while her (our) parents were out of town. With no other lap to choose from, Gracie often snuggled down on my lap for an afternoon nap—something she never did when her parents were around. I cherished every movement of it. Thank you all for stopping in to share a photo, leave a comment, and send a little love my mom’s way. I know her helps her heart reading these wonderful comments and having Gracie remembered. Gracie was the sweetest cat I’ve ever met, and we will miss her deeply.

    (Photo of Aunt Gracie and Anya hanging out under the dinning room table, December 2021)

    • Raz replied 4 months ago
      I’m glad you got to spend some time with Gracie and I know your Mom felt much better knowing you were there. I miss her too.
      • Thanks Miss Cyndi for coming by – I’m sure Anya will miss Gracie too and I know you will. We’ll always be happy that your Mom and Dad took Gracie in that day she showed up on their deck and we all got to know her. She will always be missed.
        • That is so sweet. I know that you dearly loved Gracie.
          It was wonderful that you were able to spend some time with her. *Wipes away tears*
          • Such a sweet, wonderful story. Thank you for sharing <3
            • So cute! She was and is Angel Timmy’s eye candy.
              • Such beautiful memories, Anya’s mom. 🤗 And you expressed them so well.
                What a lovely photo
                • Sweet memories of you two together. Mom & I are glad you got to spend a week with Gracie in December. I know Gracie loved her family very much.
                  • Hi sis, so nice that you dropped in. I loved that I got to spend time with you while our folks went out of town. Your lap worked out great. Lots of nice snuggle time. You really took great care of me. I really loved visiting with Anya. Watching over you two.
                    • Those times are so special. She was a sweet girl.

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